About Agency service

I have a shopping agency service .

Please inquiry from here if you wish to purchase agency .

If you want to buy Japanese items, please contact me.


・I could support of Japanese.
・I do very comfortable packing!
・I will combine shipment!
・If you want to buy lot, I will negotiate the shop for you.
・I could research what you want!

Let’s enjoy shopping with me!

About my fee.

I will take 10% of the item. If the product is 10000yen, I will take 1000yen. If you want to order something, please contact me and send me a link which you want. And after pay the product price, I will purchase it. After it arrives, I will calculate the shipping fee and my fee and let you know.

Other fee

If you pay via PayPal, it needs PayPal fee. It is 4% of total fee.
If you pay via Bank, it needs Bank fee.

If you order over 100,000yen, it is cheap to use Bank transfer.


If you have any questions, please ask me.

This is the contact form.

How to use Yafuoku

This is the manual of Yafuoku. Please download it.

This is the movie how to use Yafuoku.

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