Regarding the possible collaboration of promoting your product in Japan Market

Hello. my name is Daisuke Akagawa from Nikomaru Ilc. in Japan.

I am running a company that specializes in an e-commerce company in Japan since 2010.

Our company sells products not only domestic e-commerce platforms in Japan, but also we sell products on eBay for more than 8 years. We have many experiences selling on both Japanese and international e-commerce platforms. Recently, I have been visiting trade shows worldwide and looking for innovative products that have never been introduced to Japanese markets. 

Japan is the 3rd richest country in the world in terms of GDP with 120 million population. There is huge potential to expand your brand in the Japanese market.

However, most Japanese don’t speak English and business culture is different from the western world and the rest of Asia, so it may be difficult for a foreign brands to come to the Japanese market by themselves.

Therefore, I think we should collaborate together to introduce your product to promote in Japan.

 Since you have done the crowdfunding promotion on Indiegogo, you must know the power and benefit of crowdfunding promotion.

Why don’t we work together and promote your product to the Japanese market using the Makuake platform, which is the largest crowdfunding platform in Japan? Makuake just filed an IPO on Tokyo Stock Exchange and it’s getting a lot of attention now in terms of the new ways of promoting a new product in the Japanese market.


Our team has done many Makuake products for international manufacturers in the last 3 years.

My business consultant who is Makuake’s official partner will guide us to maximize the funding amount in Makuake. His team accomplished over 400 million yen in total sales in Makuake.

By introducing your product on Makuake crowdfunding, you can expect the following.

●  Consumer reaction to your product before entering Japan – You will see how Japanese consumers will react to your product.

●   Media coverage – By introducing your product on Makuake and raise funding, TV or online media may contact you to introduce your product on their media that will boost your branding in Japan.

●  Open the business to B2B – As Makuake crowdfunding has a huge influence in Japan now, many large retailer stores in Japan such as Big Camera, Loft, and Tsutaya are watching Makuake for potential new products to buy.

●  Exhibit your product at the Tokyo Gift Show – After crowdfunding, we will exhibit the product at the Tokyo Gift Show in Japan to promote your product at the exhibition. About 200,000 visitors(buyers) will come to this exhibition and we will connect your product to retailers in Japan.

● General selling on – We will sell your product on amazon Japan after crowdfunding as a distributor.

There is much more we can collaborate in the Japanese market.

I would like to have a SKYPE call when you have time to discuss more in detail regarding the Japanese market expansion strategy with us. This way, we can get to know you more in detail and discuss potential collaboration. When would be the best time to discuss the possible collaboration? 

I look forward to hearing from you.

Best Regards,

Daisuke Akaagawa
Nikomaru LLC

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